Monday, November 16, 2009

Poll: Kitchen Faucet

I need help. I can't decide between these two kitchen faucets. The kitchen is going to have cherry cabinets, soapstone perimeter, and a carrara marble island top (these photos are just examples). Here is the sink too.

Both faucets come with a soap dispenser, have a stainless steal finish and the price is similar. Which looks better?

Updated Plans

Here are updated plans. The fridge and wall oven will be switched and the bathrooms will probably be rearranged but for the most part this plan is final. Of course, that's assuming that the town doesn't have any issues and all goes well on the financing end.

I also just realized that there will be ample room to prominently display the Christmas tree in the front window of the living room.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspirational Bathrooms

I've really spent little time thinking about the bathroom. I have however chosen all the fixtures for it. Here is the faucet for the master.

These are some cool bathrooms I've seen posted online. While none of these are quite what I'm looking for, each has some element that I like. I've chosen many of these inspirational photos for their shower design.

I really like the glass tile in on the back wall of this show. The bench and cubbyholes are a great idea. Don't care too much for the floor.

The first floor bathroom is now going to be a powder room instead of a full bathroom. I really like the look of this bathroom.

New Direction

I love a white kitchen. I'm drawn to the photos I see online and the photos listed have been my inspiration kitchens. Kitchens where I've been pulling ideas from.

I really like these glass pendent lights in the first two photos. The second one is probably a little a big for the island, but I'm hoping to find something similar that will work.

BUT we're changing direction and going with a cherry kitchen with dark perimeter counters and the island will be either a butcher block, carrara marble or a light granite. Depends on what I find. The island will be 4'x4', the perfect size to find a remnant piece at a stone fabricator.

The kitchen will have lots of natural light with a big window over the sink and the french doors going out onto the deck, so I'm not worried about it being too dark. I do have a hard time visualizing how a cherry kitchen is going to look in our house, but when it's all done, the house is going to be completely different. No more orange like stain on the floors, trim and doors. The floors will have a more natural stain and the trim/doors will be a shade of white.

I don't think these inspiration kitchens do the true color of the wood justice.

We met with a custom cabinet designer to design the details for the kitchen. He has done a lot of projects with our architect and is actually less than cabinets from a kitchen showroom. This is actually one place where we've been successful in trimming down the budget.

I was really impressed that he included all of the features I was looking for w/o telling him. For example, he included a double trash pullout, big drawers for pots and pans and the cabinet above the fridge is flush.